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Acknowledging that urban planning processes are iterative and non-linear, Our City Plans guides cities to develop inclusive and integrated planning processes, based on a modular and flexible toolbox that can be adapted to each context. Each activity includes step-by-step instructions, adaptable tools and templates, and additional resources from UN-Habitat and external partners. 
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Incorporate an approach to efficiently streamline the city's disaster risk preparedness, combat climate change and its impacts and integrate disaster risk reduction and climate adaptation measures into urban planning processes, strengthening the city's overall resilience to natural hazards.
Include diverse stakeholders, sectors, and perspectives to improve and make more inclusive the urban planning process and results.
Reduce socio-spatial inequalities by promoting the even distribution of basic urban services, quality public spaces, affordable housing, and livelihood opportunities.
Consider financing components and mechanisms throughout the urban planning process, to strengthen municipal finances and promote the successful implementation of plans.