Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy

1 week
Participatory Activity
Toolbox Themes
  • ParticipationInclude diverse stakeholders, sectors, and perspectives to improve and make more inclusive the urban planning process and results.

Develop a strategy for monitoring and evaluation of the plan.

  • Roadmap for monitoring and evaluation of strategies and initiatives, and strategic projects


Once the monitoring and evaluation framework has been defined, including the matrix of indicators for the initiatives and strategic projects, it is necessary to establish a strategy to follow up on the plan. This includes establishing responsible bodies, as well as participation and socialisation mechanisms that involve citizens.

The indicator matrix defines which body will be responsible for data collection for each indicator. However, from this, the institution or body responsible for monitoring the whole plan and its indicators as a whole should be determined. This may also include the formation of a new body, such as a citizen observatory. Depending on the monitoring period established, a roadmap is drawn up for follow-up.

In addition, other groups from civil society and academia should be identified to monitor the progress of the plan, such as NGOs, civil organisations, observatories, community groups, research groups, or any group that represents the people who benefit from the plan's actions and projects. 

Finally, the strategy should also contemplate communication and citizen participation mechanisms to report on the progress of the plan. This will help citizens to be involved and thus be able to follow up and demand accountability and responsibility in the implementation of the initiatives and strategic projects.

  1. Define bodies, areas or institutions in charge of monitoring and strategy to carry it out, based on the indicator matrix developed in the previous activity (T54 Monitoring and Evaluation Framework).
  2. Develop a roadmap for tracking indicators within the monitoring and evaluation framework.
  3. Identify social stakeholders to collaborate in the monitoring and follow-up of the plan. 
  4. Define a communication strategy, socialisation and participation mechanisms for monitoring and evaluation.