Our City Plans provides a structured methodology for planning, project management support, and a library of resources. Users can utilize it as a guide for conducting participatory and integrated planning processes, manage projects effectively, and access a variety of tools and best practices for urban development initiatives.

No, anyone can use the methodology. You can view the toolbox entirely or create an account and cutomise your planning process.

No, Our City Plans is an inclusive methodology that can be used without any fee. To use the platform, you will need an internet connection and sign in to access its full features. Alternatively, you can download the pdf version.

No, Our City Plans is designed to be user friendly and easy to use. It includes activities with clear step-by-step instructions, tools to support them, and additional resources. No certification or training is required. You can learn more by watching our tutorial video.There are many different ways to receive support from Our City Plans, see more on PARTNER WITH US and contact our team.

Watch the tutorial for Our City Plans digital platform. Additionally, Our City Plans offers capacity building sessions and technical assistance upon request and tailored to the demand of the organisation/user. For now, you can find some events recordings and videos related too of Our City Plans in UN-Habitat's YouTube page.  

Our City Plans planned activities such as events, online trainings open to the public, and workshops will be showcased in the News section, and added to the compilation of Resources. Subscribe to Our City Plans Newsletter to receive our updates. Follow us on our social media: Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube

For now, the global toolbox is in English but you can find a translation feature at the top of our site to translate it into any language. This uses Google Translate to automatically translate all the pages. Even though it is not an official translation, this can facilitate and provide a better understanding for users who speak other languages.  
For the toolbox in Spanish, you can explore Our City Plans Central America.
Additionally, We are looking for partners to translate Our City Plans into different languages. If you are interested in joining this effort, please contact us.

UN-Habitat and Our City Plans team offers a range of services, including the development of policies, city plans and design, as well as technical assistance and capacity building. You can learn more about how to partner with us and contact us for any inquiries.

The methodology is the structured approach outlined by UN-Habitat for urban planning in Our City Plans. The toolbox includes various tools and resources such as digital features, templates, activities, repository of additional resources, and a community platform that support the implementation of the methodology.

Our City Plans toolbox aims to be flexible and adapt to each specific context. You will be able to customise your own process to your city context, needs, and planning objectives. Using the filters on the Toolbox page, the methodology can be adapted based on your local context and needs. You can bookmark and save activities to your account by clicking on the star next to them. UN-Habitat can also provide technical assistance to apply the methodology to your city or neighbourhood. See more on PARTNER WITH US and contact our team

The indicated duration of the activities is a reference. The total duration of each activity and planning process will vary according to the objectives, the needs, resources, the size and the capacity of the technical team.

Recognizing that urban planning processes are iterative and non-linear, Our City Plans toolbox aims to be flexible and adapt to each specific context. You are able to save/bookmark or unsafe (remove) activities by clicking on the star next to them. In the implementation, you can move the order around according to your needs or add any additional activity that is relevant to your context. 

Our City Plans is an incremental and participatory methodology in regards to the planning process and its development. The methodology is continuously updated and reviewed according to UN-Habitat’s global experience and feedback from users. Your contributions are very welcome! You can share your comments with us in the Contact Us section and share your experience implementing Our City Plans in your city to showcase it on our global map. 

To feature a project on the Our City Plans website, you can submit it to be showcased as an 'Independent Initiative' on the Planning Experiences map. This section showcases projects from around the world that have utilized the Our City Plans methodology or have drawn inspiration from it. To submit a project, share your experience with us through the form. You can provide details about the project's background, objectives, methodology, outcomes, and any relevant photos or videos.