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Help us prevent SDG 11.3.2 indicator on civic participation in urban planning from being removed from the SDG Global Database!

SDG 11.3.2 indicator: "Proportion of cities with a direct participation structure of civil society in urban planning and management that operate regularly and democratically" is at risk of being removed from the SDG Global Database as less than 30% of countries have collected data for this indicator.

UN-Habitat has developed a new data collection and monitoring tool in the form of a user-friendly survey that can be translated into any language and only takes 3 minutes to complete. You can also visualise the scores on the map below and compare them with cities worldwide.

We only have until June 2024 to gather enough data and revert this situation, and we need responses from representatives from different sectors - civil society, government, private sector, academia and professional bodies . There are many ways of participating in urban planning processes and management and your participation in the survey will contribute to measuring results at the city and country level and monitoring the localisation of SDG 11 worldwide. 

Please contribute with your responses and share the tool with partners and stakeholders. We must join forces to safeguard this crucial indicator and ensure the continued advancement of our cities towards more sustainable cities and communities!

How are the scores calculated and what do they represent?

The questionnaire includes questions to evaluate respondent's perception on the structures for direct, regular and democratic participation of civil society in urban planning and management. Scores are shown in percentages, and  are calculated based on the average of the respondent's answers, using a 4-point Likert scale.

Preliminary city scores are shown in a dash-bordered box on each city’s information popup. These constitute an average of all respondents’ scores for that city. Official scores (solid bordered box) are only shown when at least one person from each sector (government, civil society, academia, private sector and professional body) has responded to the survey, to guarantee representation.

The results will be analysed and compiled into the SDG Progress Report.

Monitor participation in urban planning and management in your city!

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