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Technical assistance in the  development of plans

  • Development or co-development of different types of city plans or specific activities of the toolbox: Strategic Development Plans (City Profile, Citywide Strategy Master Plan, City Vision, Municipal Urban Plan, etc.), Sectoral Plans, Land Management Plans, Neighbourhood Plans 
  • Development or co-development of feasibility study. 
  • Support preparing and implementing participatory processes (e.g., data gathering, mapping, activities, events and workshops) 
  • Review and evaluation of existing plans and planning frameworks through customised orientation sessions.          
Technical Assistance
Capacity building

Capacity Building and knowledge sharing

  • Customization of the toolbox for your city, workshops to adapt the toolbox roadmap according to the objective, needs and resources of the local context.
  • Training of trainers, targeted to the urban development professionals who will train technical teams of the city, region or state to implement Our City Plans.  
  • Our City Plans training course, oriented to diverse sectors, according to the local need. The training is structured in detailed modules, covering the Phases, Blocks, Activities and specific Tools.  
  • Support and participation in Events, Forums, High Level Meetings through presentations and discussions.          

Support tools for scalability and integrated planning process 

  • Our City Plans methodology adapted to a specific country or region. This service adapts the step-by-step manual, not only translating, but adapting the guide according to the local context (culture, geography, regulatory framework, specific challenges, resources, etc.). 
  • Digital platform for your country or region to consolidate the participatory urban planning guide adapted to the region. It intends to consolidate the customized methodology and training materials, present different local projects and connect with potential implementers and investors. Explore Our City Plans Central America.  
  • SDG monitoring tool to evaluate participation in the local planning processes. Have an adapted tool to your city or explore and take action using the global tool: How is civic engagement in your city? Contribute to the monitoring of SDG 11 and see how is urban planning and management in your city.                                                                                                          
Monitoring tool

Contact Us to book a meeting with our team to further discuss and understand the needs and the context of the city. Our City Plans team is available to discuss the collaboration opportunities and the support your city needs. 

We can support drafting a concept note outlining the details of the collaboration.