Action Plan

1 week

Review and present all instrument proposals for priority projects with stakeholders in order to find alliances, but also to obtain external and expert opinions. Consolidate the final Action Plan Matrix, which consists of a roadmap defining responsibilities, priorities, funding, management and regulatory mechanisms.

  • Final Action Plan Matrix


The action plan is a planning tool that will facilitate the implementation of the programmes and projects that make up the Plan. It also integrates the allocation of the necessary management, financing and regulatory mechanisms for the implementation of the actions and projects. All of this is consolidated in a matrix that aims to provide decision-makers with a clear and concise roadmap on how to implement each strategic project of the strategic project portfolio and initiatives established in the plan during Phase 2.

The components included in the matrix take as a starting point the results of the Land Management Instruments (Activity 43), Financial Instruments (Activity 44), Legal Instruments (Activity 45) and Governance and Management Instruments (Activity 46).
Once the matrix is in place, the team will be able to find partnerships, establish councils and commissions for the implementation of each priority project.

  1. Review the above activities and complete matrix T53 Action Plan Matrix for each priority project. 
  2. Sharing, validating with key stakeholders involved and finding partnerships to achieve the concretisation of instruments and projects according to the action plan.