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Plan Approval

Variable time
Participatory Activity
Toolbox Themes
  • ParticipationInclude diverse stakeholders, sectors, and perspectives to improve and make more inclusive the urban planning process and results.

Get the plan approved by the responsible government authorities, in accordance with local legal and administrative requirements.

  • Modifications according to local legal, regulatory and administrative requirements

  • Approval of the plan (permission granted by the government)


This activity starts the last phase of the methodology, Phase 4. Implementation, and aims at carrying out all the tasks necessary for the approval of the plan by the competent governmental authorities. 

The approval of the plan is the start of the implementation of everything that has been planned, and is therefore of great importance. This activity will be carried out by the technical team and will need to focus all efforts on getting the plan accepted as valid by the competent government entity and moving forward. This may include public consultation, internal approval and approval by the council or government entity of the municipality. In turn, given the many local specificities that will depend on the context, the timing of this activity will depend on local timelines and procedures.

In order to achieve approval, the technical team will need to review the necessary regulatory and administrative requirements of the competent authority. These requirements will vary depending on the context and country, as explained in the Legal Framework Review (Activity 2). It is therefore necessary to conduct a review of these requirements and then make any necessary adjustments and modifications to bring the plan in line with them. In this way, once all the necessary adjustments have been made, the plan will be ready and there should be no controllable impediment to its approval.

It should be noted that depending on the context this process may have different stages and requirements. It is therefore proposed that a prior exercise of review and understanding of all the procedures necessary for the approval of the plan be carried out. Thus, it will be important for the technical team to understand and be aware of the steps, functions and deliverables at each stage of the approval process, as these will vary according to the context. 

Once all the necessary revisions have been made, the plan is submitted to the relevant authorities according to the context for approval, acceptance and implementation, thus beginning the implementation phase of the urban planning process.

  1. Review all regulatory and administrative requirements required by the competent governmental authorities for the approval of the plan against the Legal Framework Review (Activity 2).
  2. Make any necessary modifications to bring the plan into line with the requirements in each context.
  3. Review and understand all necessary procedures in terms of steps, time and documentation required by the authorities depending on the context. 
  4. Submit the plan to the relevant government authorities for approval, acceptance and implementation.