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Implementation of the Plan’s Projects and Actions

Variable time
Participatory Activity

Manage the implementation of the projects and actions included in the plan. This activity will have an indeterminate duration depending on the plan, project and context. It is the achievement of all the previous phases and involves the transformation of abstract principles into a specific impact for the community.

  • Execution of the plan and its implementation (strategic projects and initiatives)

  • Communication of initiatives to stakeholders and the community


This activity refers to the actual implementation of the plan, whereby everything planned and designed in the form of abstract principles or issues is materialised and transformed into a tangible and real impact for the community.

Once the plan has been approved and after having managed, coordinated and organised all the execution in the previous activities, the actual implementation takes place. This activity varies in duration depending on the project, plan and context with which you are working. However, there are several important tasks that can be carried out regardless of the context and type of plan.

It is therefore recommended that a start-up record of the implementation be kept. Such a record can be graphic or audiovisual, through photographs or videos but it should, in any case, be a documentary, keeping an organised management of all documentation related to the implementation process. 

Finally, it will be important for a closer relationship and collaboration with stakeholders and the community and the implementing team should communicate and create participatory activities while implementing the projects and the plan. This communication may vary according to the strategy decided in the Project Management (Activity 53), but it is recommended that there is a clear strategy on how to communicate with the community and the general public, indicating that the plan is under the implementation phase.

  1. Once implementation has started after the approval of the plan, keep an organised record of all documentation related to the implementation process.
  2. Optionally, it is recommended to keep a graphic or audio-visual record of the implementation process.
  3. Communicate and inform stakeholders and the community about the implementation of different projects and the plan, as defined in the Project Management (Activity 53)
  4. Promote different events and participatory activities to assess the perception of the involved communities and stakeholders of the projects and the plan implementation (T41 Citizen Engagement Guide).