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Incremental Improvements to the Planning Process

1 week
Participatory Activity
Toolbox Themes
  • ParticipationInclude diverse stakeholders, sectors, and perspectives to improve and make more inclusive the urban planning process and results.

Map and incorporate learnings to adjust the urban planning process, in order to improve the approach and process for the development of future plans.

  • Lessons learned and feedback from the urban planning process

  • Adjusted urban planning process

  • Capacity building activities


The last activity of the methodology proposes a joint reflection exercise. Throughout the process, different opinions on the methodology have emerged, so in order to adjust the urban planning process, this activity consists of a methodological evaluation.

Firstly, the use of the T60 Methodological Evaluation tool is proposed in order to review the lessons learned in each block or activity, and to propose improvements or specific suggestions for each context. In this way, urban planning processes are adjusted and adapted for future uses of the methodology according to the conditions of each context. This evaluation will allow not only to detect adaptations, but also to include steps and processes that are not included in this methodology. It will also strengthen public administrations through prior knowledge of the capacities that need to be further developed on a case-by-case basis.

Finally, with the aim of promoting collective knowledge as a driver of cooperation and development, it is requested that this methodological evaluation exercise be sent to UN-Habitat, to the Our City Plans team, in order to reinforce the learning from the different experiences and to achieve a more complete and adjusted methodology in the following editions.

  1. Reflect on the methodological process as a whole, focusing on additional activities and suggestions for improvement. Use the tool T60 Methodological Evaluation
  2. Identify adaptations, additional steps and procedures and capacities to be reinforced according to the context.
  3. Send the methodological evaluation to the UN-Habitat Our City Plans team in order to reinforce the learning from the different experiences and, through collective knowledge, achieve a more complete and adjusted methodology in future editions.