Resource Mobilisation and Project Office

1-2 weeks
Toolbox Themes
  • Urban financeConsider financing components and mechanisms throughout the urban planning process, to strengthen municipal finances and promote the successful implementation of plans.

Mobilise the financial, human, and physical resources needed for the planning process, considering what is established in the Guiding Document (Activity 5).

  • Staff recruitment plan

  • Resource mobilisation plan

  • Organigramme of the project office


This activity focuses on mobilising all the resources needed for the development of the planning process*. A list of missing resources is drafted based on the available resources assessment in Financial Resources Review (Activity 3) and the guiding document, and further action to mobilise them is initiated. This relates to any financial and human resources, as well as to physical resources, such as working spaces, information, materials, and equipment.

Financial contributions and services agreed between parties are mobilised to kickstart the process. If needed, further support from funds and contributions can be explored, by looking for available services, international calls, fundraising, and private investments from other partners or NGOs. Open positions with clear Terms of References should be published in the local government's website and personnel should be hired with equal and meritocratic procedures, ensuring the diversity of the project team members. Finally, any required equipment such as computers and software covered by the available budget should be procured. 

Once financial, human and physical resources are mobilised, a project office is established. A clear organigramme with different roles and sub-teams is defined, considering expertise areas, responsibilities, and expected accomplishments. The project leader and the sub-team focal points are appointed considering their leadership capacity, years of experience, expertise and communication skills. 

*The financial mechanisms and resource mobilisation of the initiatives and projects that result from the plan are included in Phase 3 and Phase 4.

  1. Map funding opportunities and mobilise financial resources agreed with the partners.
  2. If needed, find additional sources of financial support, and prepare a brief summary of the guiding document to share with them.
  3. Publish the public positions, with clear Terms of References, to hire the missing staff.
  4. Mobilise resources such as equipment, data, technical assistance, training, etc.
  5. Establish a project office, possibly based in the municipality compound.
  6. Appoint a project leader.
  7. Develop an organigramme with clear roles for each team member.